We Offer two different services.








Welcome to Urobiologics

Urobiologics has discovered amazing phenomenon in women and developed entirely new scientific approach to plan a baby of desired gender before pregnancy as well as to evaluate the gender of the baby immediately after confirmation of pregnancy (Worldwide patent applications are pending). Right now, we are the only company who guide parents to plan their family by actually testing urine samples rather than remotely selling calendars or gender diet plans. Our amazing success in preconception planning has made us the pioneer of this industry. As a result we are now offering two kinds of services:


gender detection

This test guides you to conceive in a specific menstrual cycle to get a baby of desired gender.

Based on discovery of amazing new secrets about women. 100% Natural.

Safe, simple urine-based test.




FirstGender Test

If you recently got pregnant, Congratulations!

Find the gender of your baby from as soon as you know you're pregnant till the 20th week.

Earliest gender test in the world.

Safe, simple urine-based test.