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Introduction to PreGender Preconception Test
(for Gender Planning Before Pregnancy)


It is known that men have approximately 50-50% mixed suspension of X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperms which actually ‘determine' the gender. Nobody seriously thought about the biochemical environment of the uterus and how sperms interact with that. Amazingly, till today, there's not a single publication about it. In 1982, we just imagined that women must have equal role in the formation of baby’s gender. Well, now it is becoming clearer that hormonal environment in the uterus appears to sort & select X & Y sperms. In other words, women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. One environment is more suitable for the conception of a baby boy, and the other for a baby girl. Some couples are more sensitive to conceive in one type of cycle, leading to more babies of same gender. ONLY PreGender test can help them to break this gridlock and no other gimmick like gender dieting or douching will do.


We are the first to discover the following principles, based on which we launched our PreGender preconception testing program:

1.    Women have an equal role in gender formation. While a baby’s gender is ultimately ‘determined’ by sperm traits, the crucial step of ‘sexual selection and transformation’ appears to be ‘influenced’ by the hormonal environment of the uterus at the time of conception.


2.    There are two types of 'gender specific hormonal environments' in the uterus.


3.    These environments typically alternate between any two consecutive menstrual cycles. In one cycle, the uterus may be relatively richer in testosterone; in the next cycle, it may be richer in estrogens. That means in one cycle she is ready to conceive a boy and in the next a girl. The environment with T/E ratio more than 1.0 favors conception of boys (we call it a boy phase) and that of less than 1.0 favors girls (girl phase). Since we have consistently seen that around 92% of couples who conceive in a boy environment are getting the boys and vice versa, it makes sense to conclude that uterus has the power to sort and select X or Y chromosome bearing sperms and that it is possible to help her get the baby she wants just by guiding her to conceive in a proper cycle.


4.    The process of conception “locks” the existing hormonal environment and one stops alternating until the baby is miscarried or delivered. This is similar to the fact that one stops menstruating till the baby is miscarried or delivered. This is an important medical discovery which every woman and medical professional must know.


5.    Urobiologics has developed reliable methods to identify the minute differences in those environments by testing mid-cycle urine. It is not possible to find it by testing blood or saliva. These are special and patented methods not available anywhere else at this time.

        (This is entirely different from the thinking that cervical pH may be swaying for a boy or a girl. Many women even try to douch with acidic or  alkaline solutions before the act which according to us is simply idiotic. Now it is clear that the cervical or urine pH has nothing to do with gender swaying or gender prediction because pH may change by the hour. Therefore, any gender planning or gender prediction test based on pH will fail. If any company offers gender selection plans without testing anything by asking your date of birth or history of previous cycles or pregnancies, it is most probably a scam and will not work. Look what other scientists are saying about gender swaying: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/parenting/pregnancy/conception/trying-to-conceive/10939837/The-myths-and-truths-of-gender-swaying )


We proved and established all of the above findings to conclude that gender specific natural conception is now possible if one conceives in appropriate menstrual cycle. 



This graph sums up all of the above

Some examples:

Suppose a couple is trying to conceive a girl. We will initially test two mid-cycle urine samples to identify the pattern of the hormonal environment. If cycle 1 is found to be suitable for conception of a girl and cycle 2 for conception of a boy, then this woman’s cycles are determined to be gender-specific alternating cycles. Cycles 3, 5, 7, 9 and beyond would then be identified as suitable for conception of a girl. The couple should avoid conception during cycles 4, 6, 8, 10 and beyond because those cycles may result in a boy. This sounds unbelievable but is strikingly true. Based on successful data, it appears that the sperm selection is automatically done by your hormones in the uterus at the time of ovulation. You don't have to spend thousands to get it done and no gender diet on earth can influence it.

There is an interesting case which sums up all of the above. A customer from Australia ordered PreGender test to plan for a girl. She collected preconception urine samples for November and December 2009, packed them and went to UPS to ship them back to us. UPS didn't like the way it was packed and advised her to repack it. When she came home, there was a message on her home phone about a family emergency. She informed us that she would be mailing after about three weeks. When she came back she called again to inform that she is pregnant. We requested her to collect post-conception urine sample immediately and ship all the three samples together. It was thrilling to find that the November sample indicated a boy phase and that of December a girl phase. Obviously, she got conception in December and her post-conception sample also detected a girl. This customer is holding that girl now. She had wasted a sizable amount of money on diet plans and gender selection charts. Nothing worked. We had suggested her to stop all of that and follow our instructions without any stress.

Please note that 8% couples can get the baby of opposite gender they planned for. This is not an error of our techniques because, for example, in a boy cycle, there is 8% chance that an X chromosome bearing sperm can also fertilize. Nobody has any control over it. Still, a 92% success rate is the highest in this industry. Same is true otherwise. If your physician or friend criticises about our work, just advise him / her to show you a better gender selection program and we will award $5000 to him / her.

We have started a new trend in 2015. YOU CAN PICK THE NAME OF THE BABY IN ADVANCE before entering PreGender Preconception test program. There is 92% chance that we will include the name of the baby in our final postconception gender test. NO OTHER COMPANY HAS GUTS TO DO THAT.

To provide the readers a better understanding of how our process works, we provide below two live case histories:






Based on these exciting observations and backed by sound analytical data, we filed two patent applications worldwide. Those interested to see the science behind our work can go through the following patent documents and send us their criticism or suggestions:


1)      US Patent: 9,057,720 Reducing/oxidizing activity of maternal urine as indicator of fetal gender related characteristics

2)      US Patent: 8,759,109 Use of female mammal's urine for determination of fetal gender related characteristics


Sperms have developed distinct chemosensory capabilities to scan their environment and allow spatial orientationThis is the only reason they go towards ovary and not in other directions. This phenomenon is called chemotaxis. Based on the high success rate of PreGender test, it is reasonable to assume that the sex hormones help in the natural sperm selection. Male (Y) sperms move faster if the environment surrounding them is relatively richer in testosterone, which we call it 'a boy phase'. On the other hand, female (X) sperms move faster if the environment surrounding them is relatively richer in estrogen, and we call it 'a girl phase'. (Again, this is contrary to the widely publicized notion that Y sperms move faster due to their 'lesser weight'. We disagree. It is not the physical difference but the chemical influence of hormones which determines the sperm activity and motion.) 


Why do some families have all boys or all girls? How can we help?

We are the first to discover that just like there are two types of sperms, women offer two kinds of hormonal environments which alternate between two menstrual cycles. That is, in one cycle where testosterone / estrogen ratio is more than 1.0, she is ready to conceive a boy. In the next cycle this ratio becomes less than 1.0 so that she is ready to conceive a girl. We have highly sensitive methods to find this difference between two cycles. Conception in appropriate cycle, as advised by us, has been seen to increase the chances of getting the desired baby by over 92%. In fact, these days we even ask for the proposed name of the baby, even before starting our program.


The high success rate of this natural gender selection suggests that women have the inherent power to sort and select X and Y sperms. The best examples to support our point comes from news of 15th baby girl born to a couple in India (Times of India news) and 13th boy born to a family in Rockford, MI USA. 

We have learnt by experience after dealing with around 40,000 couples that if one has 2 babies of a gender, the chances of 3rd baby of the same gender are ACTUALLY HIGHER. Relying on probability isa mistake. PreGender test is the only way they can balance their families because this test guides them in which cycle to try and when to avoid. 


Generally, vegetarian women have more girls and non-vegetarians have more boys. Here is the probable reason and how can we help (personal opinion): 


Vegetarian women: The testosterone level in their body is generally lower than that of most in population. Therefore the T/E ratio in their boy cycle is slightly lower than the threshold level required to efficiently select Y chromosome bearing sperms. On the other hand, the T/E ratio in their girl cycle is further lower than average population favoring selection of X chromosome bearing sperms. As a result, they have higher conception rate in their girl cycles leading to a baby girl. Our job is to alert them to avoid conception in girl cycle by using condoms and try to conceive in boy cycle. This is the only way they can have the boy they want.


Non-vegetarian women: Meat is androgenic. That means it enhances testosterone reserves in the body and  is generally higher than that of most in population. Therefore the T/E ratio in their boy cycle is slightly higher than the threshold level required to efficiently select Y chromosome bearing sperms. On the other hand, the T/E ratio in their girl cycle is higher than that of average population, less favorable to selection of X chromosome bearing sperms. As a result, they have higher conception rate in their boy cycles leading to a baby boy. Our job is to alert them to avoid conception in boy cycle by using condoms and try to conceive in girl cycle. This is the only way they can have the baby girl they want.


Now, that does not mean that one should run to a clinic to adjust ones hormone levels or buy a gender diet with a purpose to get a boy or girl. That will never work. There is no short cut. The only way-out is to avoid conception in certain cycles and try in the desired ones.


All of this has been shown in the form of a graph below:


Our conception plan is superior to that of Dr. Shettle’s

Our conception plan is also different and is working better than O+12 or O-12 plan touted by many experts. Our idea is to achieve conception by attempting for whole month starting from 12th day from start of period till end by leaving one day in between. The reason being that ovulation test is not a sure indicator of actually when the egg is actually released. Therefore, we feel it is fruitless to stress about trying to conceive in O+12 or O-12 range. Fortunately, the conception rate under our plan is significantly higher and as a result couples are getting the baby of their choice.


Our success rate

The live birth record of customers who went through our PreGender program shows about 92% success rate as of October 31, 2014. Those opposite outcomes should not be considered as an error of this concept. There is always, for example, a chance that an X chromosome bearing sperm can survive in a boy phase (high T/E ratio environment) and fertilize the egg. Nobody has any control over that. 

It is our challenge to those who try to criticize our program, that they must show to the world any better gender selection program than PreGender test. Even the so called high tech fertility clinics do not have that kind of success rate. In fact, the success rate of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), where one spends thousands of dollars is around 37% and they do not tell you in advance. Here's the proof. http://www.centerforhumanreprod.com/ivf-success-rates.html. There are numerous gender diet sellers, calendar or chart sellers who claim 96% to even ridiculous 99% success rate. Please do not get carried away by those numbers. Those can never be true.


Live Charts

Here's the proof that it works


We are delighted to restart our famous ‘Live Charts’ where we will display all the test results in advance ‘as we go’ and later on to see how they match with ultrasound scan results. We include customer’s email address, so that any new potential customers may contact them before buying our services. They may or may not reply. The response may be good or bad. We give this power to our customers. We promise to do our best. We are taking this bold step to show the power of our gender planning program.

The expected success rate is at least 92%. That means, if 100 couples try to conceive, say a boy, 92 will get a boy if they conceive in a boy phase as guided by PreGender test. Remaining 8% can get a girl. That is not an ‘error’ of this test as explained elsewhere. Only those who allow us to post their information will be shown.

Abbreviations: PSD = Period Start Date, CPS = Conception Plan Sent, FGT = FirstGender Post-conception test.

‘Alternating Hormonal Environment’ or ‘Alternating Ovulation’

Let us not get confused by these two terms. Our hypothesis has nothing to do with the process of ovulation. The myth that women have alternating ovulation is hardly 75% true. We are focusing on alternating hormonal environment which has been seen in about 85% of our customers. Those who are conceiving in proper hormonal environment are getting the baby of their choice as shown in the live charts above.


For how long is this test good?

Once seen that one is alternating, that pattern should be good for life. But this is biology. It keeps on changing. Pregnancy is the biggest factor which can disturb this sequence. A lady is known to get pregnant at least 150 times in life but all of them do not go to full term. That means there is a chance of at least one conception within six months. When one misses periods by few days, that may be actually a temporary pregnancy. As you can see from the graph above, the conception locks the system for some time. Based on our experience now, we recommend one test after six months assuming a conception might have occurred in between.


What do other scientists say?

We were the first to initiate this work in 1984 and sent for publication to Medical Hypotheses in 1988 simply to make a record of it. Between 2005 and 2008 there have been several publications in the medical field to substantiate our vision. Some relevant abstracts have been placed below.

1) M. Perret, "Relationship between urinary estrogen levels before conception and sex ratio at birth in a primate, the gray mouse lemur," 2005: Human Reproduction, vol. 20 (6), (1504-1510). In primates, including humans, bias of sex ratio at birth has been reported to depend on maternal condition at conception. It was hypothesized to be related to changes in hormonal state at ovulation. Direction of sex ratio was significantly dependent on Estradiol levels during follicular phase. Reduced estradiol levels prior to estrus led to male biased litters. This suggests a sex selective sperm selection at conception time. http://humrep.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/20/6/1504

2)  Grant V. J. et al., "Sex of Bovine Embryos may be Related to Mother’s Preovulatory Follicular Testosterone," Jan. 2008, Biology of Reproduction. A higher level of follicular testosterone is associated with a greater likelihood of conceiving a male. In a study (n=171) follicular testosterone level were significantly higher for subsequently male embryos. This study observed that a bovine egg that developed in follicular fluid with high concentration of testosterone were significantly more likely to be fertilized by Y-chromosome bearing spermatozoa. It was further observed that although the gender of the offspring in mammals is commonly viewed as a matter of chance (depending on whether an X- or a Y-chromosome-bearing sperm reaches the egg first), evolutionary biologists have shown that offspring sex ratios are often significantly related to maternal dominance, a characteristic which has been shown to be linked to testosterone in female mammals, including humans.Hence we hypothesized that variations in female testosterone might be related to reproductive mechanisms associated with sex determination, with higher levels of follicular testosterone being associated with a greater likelihood of conceiving a male.Please click on the following link to read more about this study, which supports our hypothesis: http://www.biolreprod.org/cgi/rapidpdf/biolreprod.107.066050v1.pdf

3) Greenspan F.S. et al., "Basic and Clinical Endocrinology." 4th edition. London: Prentice Hall; 1994: 426-431. This text claims that human female follicular fluid has 10,000 to 30,000 times more testosterone than that in blood.

Thus, if one can know the type of hormonal environment in a particular menstrual cycle, the chances of conceiving a specific gender are higher. We hope our technology can help establish communities with smaller (one boy one girl) families so that they can live happily in these tight economic times. This is ultimately going to reduce domestic violence and spousal abuse.


A note about T/E ratio

This does not mean that you get the T/E ratio analyzed through some other source and try to plan for a baby. That will not work. There are actually six biochemicals involved. We have taken only T and E for easy explanation. Furthermore, the technique to interpret those results is highly specialized.


How to get this test done?

There are several ways to order:

1) You can place an order for PreGender test through our website by clicking here: https://www.urobiologics.com/order.html.

2) You can place order over the phone by calling toll free 1-877-HE-OR-SHE ( i.e. 1-877 436 7743) or direct at 1-313-574-7500 in USA.

3) By paying though Paypal to email address kevin478478@yahoo.com (all fees are in US dollars)

We have now simplified this procedure (with effect from May 15, 2014). You do not have to place the order in advance. Simply collect samples as shown under respective test section and ship at your expense. We will be charging a flat fee of USD 410.00 for PreGender test and USD 225.00 for FirstGender test from customers from any country. You can either pay by including appropriate money order / cashier's cheque in the package or by card after you have shipped it. You collect two urine samples separately for two cycles near ovulation and ship both the samples together. A full plan is then discussed as to in which cycle to conceive and how to conceive. No additional testing is needed for at least six months. However, we recommend one test any time after six months to reposition the family planning effort. This is because of an important discovery #5 above, that even a short term undetected conception can temporarily lock the hormonal environment and may disturb the sequence. Any additional PreGender test will cost $200.00 extra because we will have to compare this new sample with two samples sent by you earlier. It is actually more work to test one sample. We are doing this just to help you get the baby you want.

Urobiologics is the only company offering a pre-conception gender planning service by actually testing your samples, rather than remotely selling some guess work, diet plans, calendars or charts. Some companies are propping up who are copying our idea of alternating cycles but they cannot actually test any sample from you. Please do not fall for such scams.  The customers do not have to travel to the lab because urine samples can be sent by mail from any country (except China, India & Africa). The samples will stay safe during transit. No medication is suggested and nothing else is sold. Conception effort is done by couples themselves. Our procedures are 100% natural, non-invasive & without any medication. US & Intl patents are pending.

If conception is a problem, we normally recommend our customers to go for intra-uterine insemination (IUI) but in an appropriate cycle. We prefer IUI over IVF because IUI is relatively natural. In IVF, a lot of hormones are injected which according to us cause an imbalance in your natural hormone set up in a particular cycle. This is the reason for low success rates of so called high tech ventures like IVF and PGD. Fertility experts are not listening to us right now. Soon they will.

To customers buying both the PreGender and FirstGender test together, we offer a 10% discount on combined price. To order both the tests, use the third window in the order form: http://urobiologics.com/order.html. The fee can be paid by credit card, paypal or western union. To pay through paypal, send the payment to this email address: kevin478478@yahoo.com.

Customers can contact us by calling toll free at 1-877-HE-OR-SHE (1-877-436-7743) or direct at 313-574-7500 in USA or through email: drverma@urobiologics.com

This hypothesis has not been proven or backed by any scientific body. Also, no large scale clinical trials have been performed except our in-house studies and use of this concept on nearly 1400 couples. We do not know the exact nature of the compounds involved at this time but we have some analytical data and observed that the difference between two cycles is clear and almost 90% women alternate. Those who are conceiving in appropriate cycles are getting the babies of their choice.

The views expressed on this website are solely of Dr. Kuldeep Verma based on real test data as well as his direct personal experiences with customers. Other officials in our team offer only technical advise to the company. They are not responsible for any of the information presented here and will not reply to your emails. All questions should be directed to Dr Kuldeep Verma at drverma@urobiologics.com who will personally answer them. All the disclaimers and terms conditions posted on this website apply.

Please remember, we are also the earliest in the world in evaluating gender of the baby by testing urine. There are pregnancy kits available which can detect pregnancy 6 days before the expected menstrual due date. We can successfully evaluate gender at that time as well.

All tests are done on urine samples sent by mail. No need to travel. US and International Patents pending Urobiologics LLC.



Our tests are suitable for healthy women. Certain personal circumstances, medical conditions including high fever at the time of sample collection and medications like antidepressants can adversely affect the performance of these tests. These include menopausal symptoms, impaired liver or kidney function, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and treatments that might affect your cycle e.g. hormonal contraception, certain fertility treatments and hormone replacement therapy. Couples with medically diagnosed fertility problems should consult their physician before using this service. We do not support any type of unethical gender selection. This test's intended use is for satisfying personal curiosity, and is not offered to customers with addresses in State of Maryland, and State of New York. All services on this website are subject to the Service Agreement.