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What is the basis of early FirstGender test (formerly UroGender Test)?

The urine of a mother carrying a male (boy) fetus has more testosterone-like hormone than that of female one. The new sample is compared with that of a mixed sample from several women who have either delivered or confirmed female fetus through amniocentesis or CVS test. Each sample is tested using several procedures developed by us. If it matches with the mixed sample all the times, we become reasonably confident that the fetus is female, and if found different, the fetus is reported to be male.


Are you serious that you can tell the gender just one day after missed period date?

Yes. We are really excited about this. In fact, we can detect gender as soon as one can get a positive pregnancy test, even four days before the expected period date. This is world’s earliest gender test.


Is it 100% correct?

It is an unattainable objective. We test all samples using several procedures. None of the procedures is 100% correct but if all of them indicate the same result we become reasonably confident of the outcome. Since long, we have tried to maintain an average expected accuracy of near 95%, but due to the open nature of the business and mainly due to errors in sample collection process, the observed accuracy is slightly less than that. For best results, it is important to follow directions for sample collection. Other factors leading to errors include fever at the time of sampling or the situation of dissolving fetus and the mother doesn't know. If you are healthy, there is lesser chance of error.


The baby is not even formed yet, how can you tell the gender?

Genetically, the gender of the baby is decided right at the time of conception by the presence of X or Y chromosomes. According to our recent work, the biochemical indicators of fetal gender are detectable in urine immediately after conception. That is why we have been able to successfully detect the gender even 4 days before expected missed date if there’s pregnancy. On the other hand, the CVS test can detect the sex around 11th week, whereas, the physical form is better observed with ultrasound after 18th week. We are specializing in detecting the biochemical difference in early stages with amazingly great accuracy. Now, we have two U.S. patents and International patents are pending.


But my doctor says it is impossible to do it by urine.

Physicians will say that because they haven’t read about it in books. We have worked secretly on it for 33 years and have discovered an amazing phenomenon in women (see PreGender test section). They will find it in medical books soon. Many physicians got their desired babies by using our Pregender and FirstGender test service. .


An old research has shown that the gender of the fetus can be determined by measuring testosterone from urine between 6th to 10th week of pregnancy. Following is the abstract of the publication entitled "Determination of fetal sex from maternal testosterone excretion in early pregnancy" by K. Loewit et al., Dtsch. med Wschr. 99 (1974), 1656. The abstract: Serial tests of urinary testosterone excretion in healthy women during early pregnancy (between 6th to 10th wk) open up new possibilities for fetal sex determination. Although single values overlap, average testosterone excretion (2-4 measurements) per case in female offspring was between 0.7 and 7.0 ug/24h, in mothers of male offspring between 7.5 and 15.5 ug/24h. This approach leads to about 22% error. We observed that it is more than just testosterone in urine and all new information is covered in our patents. This is why, our accuracy is next to CVS or amniocentesis and certainly better than cheap tests in the market.


If this test is so good, why is it not being offered by hospitals?

At this time, our procedures are proprietary, time consuming and needs expert handling. It is now possible to develop a home-based gender test strip, similar to a home pregnancy test strip. Once it's developed, we anticipate that it will be widely available in pharmacies, clinical labs, and hospitals


I live 3000 miles away. Can I get test? Will the urine samples stay viable in transit to USA?

For our purposes, urine samples remain good for a long time. We have now simplified the sample collection procedure. Now you may keep the sample bottle at room temperature rather than freezing it. You do not need any preservative at the time of collection. We take care of it when it arrives us.  There is no effect on accuracy.


What if there are twins or multiple fetuses?

If our report indicates a girl, both or all fetuses may be girls.. If at least one of them is boy, our report would be BOY, because the sample would behave different from our female reference.


What if the result is inaccurate?

We are highly confident of our report being accurate, because we test a sample several times before providing the report. The expected accuracy for this test is around 95%. Errors are still possible. In case test results prove to be inaccurate, we usually retest the remaining urine sample with us to see what went wrong. If proven, the Company shall refund full fee paid for the post-conception test. Customer shall provide valid evidence of inaccuracy of the result supported by copy of birth certificate.

How do I order this service?

There are several ways to order:
1) By calling direct 1-313-574-7500 in USA or our toll free number 1-877-HE-OR-SHE ( 1-877-436-7743). We will need your address and credit card number.
2) Through our web site www.urobiologics.com. You may pay through Paypal or by making secure payment on line using any credit card. You can pay by money order or money transferring services (Western Union etc). Order online.