We Offer two kinds of test services.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Urobiologics is the first company to develop and commercially introduce gender determination after pregnancy by testing urine since 1984. We have a unique technology to evaluate the gender of your baby from as early as you can do the pregnancy test up to approximately 20th week. This is the earliest and most accurate test in the world, currently holding an expected accuracy rate of approximately 95%. Two US patents and international patents are pending.

A Few Words About Us

We have discovered a new concept and are proud to add a new chapter in woman's reproductive physiology. We are the first one to prove and claim that women have equal role in gender formation. We offer two kinds of test services:
Gender Planning Before Pregnancy, where we scientifically guide you in which cycle to conceive to get a baby of desired gender.
Gender Detection After Pregnancy, where we evaluate the gender of the baby by testing urine sample from expecting mother, collected as early as one can detect a positive pregnancy test and mailed to us through any courier, from any country, with an expected accuracy of 95%.

Our Advantages

Trying to conceive a boy or girl? Perhaps there is a condition or trait that runs in your family, and is passed on to a certain gender. Or perhaps you have two sons and would like a daughter or vice versa. Whatever your reason, we welcome you to an exciting concept which stems from our observation that the uterus selects the gender of baby depending upon the hormonal ratios in it

Essentially, our hypothesis is that ovulation creates two types of hormonal environments in the uterus at the time of conception, one is more suitable for the conception of a boy baby, and the other more suitable to a girl baby.

We were the first to initiate this work in 1984 and sent for publication to Medical Hypotheses in 1988 simply to make a record of it.  At that time, we did not want to publish it as the methods were not perfect. We were amazed to find that between 2005 and 2015 there have been several publications in the medical field to substantiate our vision.

Clinical and Management Team

Chief Scientist

Dr. Kuldeep Verma

In 1982, Dr. Verma discovered the difference in the urine of an expectant mother carrying a male fetus versus a female one. It took him two years to develop a procedure in collaboration with two hospitals, which provided urine samples from pregnant women who were soon to be due. The procedure enabled him to determine the gender of a fetus, with about 91% accuracy. Over time, with experience and testing of over around 40,000 samples, he found the accuracy to be highest during the first week, particularly from approximately the 5th through the 20th week of pregnancy.



Advisory Panel


Michael Hynes, MD/MBA

Michael Hynes, MD/MBA: After obtaining a BS in Cellular Molecular Biology/BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Michael worked for Merck&Co.'s vaccine engineering division developing techniques for upscaling from laboratory/pilot plant to large scale vaccine production before returning to the University of Michigan to finish his MS in Biochemical Engineering and obtain his Medical Degree.

While completing his residency in Radiology at Weil Cornell Medical College, he decided to pursue an MBA(University of Michigan Ross School of Business) and his interest in entrepreneurship, specifically start-up biotech oriented companies. He is now a practicing Board Certified Radiologist with experience helping 3 different biotech companies in their early stages of development.



Adam Wallach, MD

Dr. Wallach is a fully credentialed and licensed physician who currently works in North Carolina. Before medical school, he pursued his childhood dreams of helping in international charities and also volunteered as an AmeriCorps Program Coordinator.

Dr. Wallach obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from University of South Florida at Tampa before completing residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He’s currently licensed in multiple states and has presented his research in several academic conferences. Most recently, he authored a chapter in the textbook Functional Neuroimaging: A Clinical Approach. In his role as a Radiologist, he routinely interprets emergency first trimester ultrasound studies and has provided key advice in the strategic development of Urobiologics.